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Cartoon of Wannabe Ranch, Woz's home.

The Wannabes are a family of world wide explorers in search of a more simple life @ Wannabe Ranch. Somehow Woz still manages to keep them all on their toes!

Cast of Characters:

Woz Wannabe and his lovable dog, Izzy

Woz's sister, Mya Wannabe and her brilliant pony, Grits

Woz's uncle, Booger Wannabe and and his sentry donkey, Blu

Woz's aunt, Lotta Wannabe and her goofy goat, Ozark

Woz's dad, Max Wannabe and his entertaining horse, Cajun

Woz's mom, Ani Wannabe and her menagerie of misfit critters

Radish and her silly mini pony, Truffles



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